Personal Basketball Training

Personal Basketball Training Academy Presentation Video

Technique development

Every basketball player who joins this program first goes through the initial testing phase.Based on the initial results, we design a plan to correct the technical elements and we also make a plan for learning new movements according to the programmed position that the player can play in senior basketball.We work on the developing of the technique six days a week between four and five hours a day.

Personal Basketball Training

Body Development

What we do to help players make the best progress is: lane agility drill testing, speed testing (3/4 of basketball court sprint), testing multiple types of jumps, measuring fat percentage, measuring upper body strength (bench press), measuring muscle volume. After testing, an individual program is created and immediately implemented. At the end of the program or once a month (for players who stay longer in the program) we do repeated tests and compare with the initial results.

We want each of our players to pursue the goal of achieving the best athlete performance in basketball history. What is common to all the best athletes in basketball history is the big and explosive muscles involved in running and jumping, the low fat percentage, the right jump technique, the landing to avoid injury.

Usual daily schedule

07:30 / 10:00
Morning workout + gym
The first meal at a restaurant
11:00 / 14:00
Rest and snack
14:30 / 17:00
Afternoon training
The second meal at the restaurant
17:30 / 21:00
Free time
The last meal at a restaurant
22:00 / 23:00
Going to sleep

Duration and Price

10 days
1060 EUR
14 days
1300 EUR
1 months
2000 EUR
2 months
4000 EUR
3 months
6000 EUR
4 months
7950 EUR
5 months
9900 EUR
6 months
11850 EUR
7 months
13800 EUR
8 months
15750 EUR
9 months
17700 EUR
10 months
19650 EUR
11 months
21600 EUR
12 months
23550 EUR
Price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Personal basketball training
  • Personal gym training
  • Personal strength training for younger players
  • Personal athletic training
  • A jersey
  • Testing
  • Career consulting
  • Photographs and a video
The price does not include:

  • Airplane ticket
  • Transportation from the airport to the suite and back which is charged an additional 50 EUR upon arrival
  • Leisure activities
  • Medical insurance

Players Testimonial

Over the course of our careers, our coaching team has had the opportunity to help a large number of players who have played professionally or who have earned college tuition in the USA based on their basketball qualities.

You can watch some of the players testimonial that have been in our program in the recent past in the video below:

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Personal Basketball Training Academy Presentation Video:

Players Transformation

When a player comes to our program, he/she undergoes an initial testing. We test his/her basketball technique, vertical jumping, starting speed, linear speed, power, fat percentage and muscle volume. At the end of the program, the player is tested again where clear progress is obvious. You can see the players’ progress in the transformation results of some of our most recent clients.

You can watch some of the players transformation that have been in our program in the recent past in the video below:

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Personal Basketball Training Academy Presentation Video:

The opportunities

The players who stay longer in our program can play for young teams of professional teams or for professional senior teams in our country at different levels of competition in accordance with the qualities they possess.