Study and play in Serbia

You have graduated from high school and you are looking for a good university with a good basketball program. Unfortunately, only the best end up in the top 10 NCAA universities.

Study and play in Serbia

Other players who end up in underperforming programs virtually lose four basketball years after which players generally have little professional knowledge.

That is why we designed this program for you:

  1. During the first year, you will learn Serbian in case you would like to study in Serbian later or choose a foreign university to study online

  2. In the second year, you will choose a university to study if you decide to study in Serbian

  3. You will have individual basketball trainings, individual athletic trainings, and individual gym trainings

  4. You will have the second training in a day with a professional team where you can struggle for a place in the team

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Personal Basketball Training Academy Presentation Video:

Duration and Price

9 months
27650 EUR
Price includes:

  • Accommodation and food
  • Personal basketball training
  • Personal gym training
  • Personal athletic training
  • Classes on healthy diet
  • Learning Serbian
  • Studying at college
  • Training and competing within a professional team when a player reaches the necessary level of knowledge
The price does not include:

  • The cost of an airplane ticket
  • Airport transport (50 EUR extra cost)
  • Health insurance